New Delhi, May 25: The next general elections are around the corner and a cash-strapped Congress is pitted against the loaded BJP. The grand old party has even admitted, albeit off-the-record, that it just doesn’t have the funds to run a campaign equalling that of the BJP in size and numbers. However, now a Congress leader has spoken about it publicly. Known for his way with words, MP Shashi Tharoor has admitted the party is facing fund problems.

Speaking to ANI, Tharoor said, “No doubt that the BJP is soaking up most of the political funding, partly because the money goes to those who are in power. As a result, most of the Opposition parties are facing a bit of a crisis, particularly the Congress which has a nationwide presence.” The BJP has grown to be the richest national party with its earning rising by 44 percent, says ADR.

Tharoor was only putting in words what has been doing the rounds for a while; the Congress has had to cut corners in its campaigns. No wonder then that they’ve appeared like half-hearted attempts while the BJP outshone with its star campaigners, multiple rallies, and the works. In fact, Congress sources also said that a senior leader couldn’t even make it to a north-eastern state for campaigning as his ticket couldn’t be arranged. There were also stories of a candidate’s campaign being crowdfunded in Karnataka. Tharoor corroborated that when he said, “In Karnataka, while most candidates financed their own campaign, in one case we did crowdfunding effort and it was successful. (It) can be repeated in the general elections. In Kerala also we did yatras and were able to raise funds locally, this too can be repeated nationally.” (Also read: Who is The Richest Regional Party of All? SP, Says Report)

The only recourse for the Congress then would be to go for crowdfunding, as Tharoor suggests. The leader is himself in trouble over his wife Sunanda Pushkar’s mysterious death, with the Delhi Police filing a charge-sheet against him which he has chosen to call ‘preposterous’.