New Delhi, Feb 7: Congress on Tuesday hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he spoke about earthquake that shook Delhi and other parts of North India on Monday. Congress, from its official twitter handle, tweeted PM Modi using a natural calamity, like earthquake, to make a political point shows the depths to which he will descend to. Congress on Twitter asked PM Modi, please tell us, in the GSPC scam where did Rs. 20,000 crore disappear? The party further asked,” where have the 45,000 crores gone in the Rajasthan mining scam?

PM Modi on Tuesday equated last night’s earthquake to Rahul Gandhi’s SCAM definition in Lok Sabha. PM Modi said bhukamp aa hi gaya, koi to kaaran hoga, dharti maa rooth gayi hongi (earthquake occurred, there must have been a reason, probably our motherland got upset). He also raised a question,” After all why did earthquake occur, when someone sees service and modesty in SCAM then, even our motherland gets upset and an earthquake occurs.”

Narendra Modi’s statement was in reference to what Rahul Gandhi had stated in Kanpur rally, he had described SCAM as -Seva, courage, ability, modesty. This all took place after PM Modi in Meerut described SCAM as- Samajwadi, Congress, Akhilesh, Mayawati.

Congress also asked PM Modi:

  • Where did the Chhattisgarh PDS rice scam worth 36,000 crores perished.
  • The party alleged, why did you allow Vijay Mallya to run away by granting him 9,000 crores.
  • What about Vyapam scam.

The party tweeted,” How do we know Black Money is stored in Property, Gold, Forex? Because Congress Party leaders read government reports.” Also attacking demonetisation, the party on the social media giant, on the same note, wrote,” We wish you did the same. Maybe then the nation would have been spared the pain of Demonetisation.”

Meanwhile, while condemning PM Modi over his earthquake remark, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that the PM should feel ashamed for making fun of a natural calamity.

The Congress also sought an apology from the Prime Minister and said that demonetisation has wrecked lives of people. “Today, in Parliament, the least PM Modi could have done was to apologise to the Nation”, the party tweeted.