New Delhi: Mud-slinging and name-calling in politics touched a new low on Thursday when Congress IT cell head Divya Spandana likened Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bird droppings. Taking to twitter, she posted a photo of the PM standing at the feet of the Statue of Unity after its inauguration on Wednesday. As the photo lacks a caption while it shows the stark contrast between the PM and the world’s tallest statue towering over him, she asks, “Is that bird dropping?” Also Read - People Happy As Congress Rule Ended, Says PM Modi in Poll-Bound Puducherry | LIVE UPDATES

Facing flak on social media, Divya Spandana was quick to retweet the same photo with arrows pointing at telltale signs of bird droppings on the statue, saying, “We were talking about these but Godi media will claim that we called PM Modi bird droppings.”

While the BJP is yet to react, earlier PM Modi had responded to being called ‘Chor’ by no other than the Congress President. He had said the Congress president keeps repeating things like a stuck gramophone but people would not accept his “childish” claims and “lies” against the Government as they made “fun” of such remarks.

With the campaign for assembly elections in five states underway and the Lok Sabha polls less than six months away, PM Modi stressed on his development plank during a video interaction with BJP workers, asking them to go to people with a three-point agenda — development, fast development and development for all.

To a question from a worker as to how they should respond to Opposition leaders’ “abuses” like calling him a scorpion — an apparent reference to Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s recent remarks, Modi said they were offering him what they had. He was glad, the Prime Minister said, that he was of any use to them as it allowed them to vent their anger and spend their time “happily” with their family members in the evening.