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Hyderabad, May 20:  As the Narendra Modi government nears completing a year in office, the Congress today stepped up its offensive against the Prime Minister accusing him of weakening democracy by running a “one-man show” while scoring maximum on “arrogance” and minimum on governance. Firing a fresh salvo at the BJP-led NDA government which completes one year in office on May 26, senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh said “Modi is running a government now where ministers don’t count, where ministries don’t count.” “It is a one man show and Modi is a one man government,” he said while addressing reporters here.( Also read: Sachin Pilot slams Narendra Modi’s ashamed to be born in India remark) Also Read - Sharad Pawar Slams Modi Government Over Farm Laws, Says Agriculture Can't Be Run Sitting In Delhi

“… In the process he (Modi) weakened the foundations of democracy. Parliament is routinely bypassed and decisions are taken in complete disregard to popular sentiment,” Ramesh alleged. After taking over as the PM last year, Modi had promised maximum governance and minimum government, Ramesh said adding that “one year later we see maximum arrogance and one man government.” He added that one year ago Modi said ‘Skill India’, but after one year we don’t see ‘Skill India’ but ‘Kill India’. “Killing of Parliament, killing of judiciary and killing of civil society and all these are under threat and under attack.” Also Read - Mamata Banerjee Terms Farm Bill 'Anti People', Asks BJP Govt To Withdraw Them Or Step Down

“One year ago, National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government took office. One year later we have MNDA — Modi’s Non-Democratic Alliance. One year ago Modi promised ‘Selfless government’, but after one year we see not selfless government but a “selfie” Prime Minister,” he alleged. “One year ago, Modi promised turnaround of Indian economy. But, one year later we don’t have turnaround but a government of U-turns,” Ramesh further claimed. Stating that these were the five realities of the last one year of Modi government, Ramesh said the PM in the last one year has also had to eat his own words.

“BJP opposed Indo-US nuclear agreement, but Modi has now supported the agreement and we welcome that. Modi opposed GST when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat and he is now championing the GST as Prime Minister and we welcome that,” Ramesh said adding “we welcome the facts that he has made these U-turns and taken positions as Prime Minister which were opposed to the positions which the BJP took when it was in opposition.”