New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Alexio Reginaldo Lourenco on Friday slammed the rebel MLAs in Goa who left the grand old party in the recent political upheaval. Terming the ongoing crisis ‘political prostitution’, Lourenco said,”There is no sorrow or joy in politics. Politics, what has happened this time is only political prostitution. We cannot talk about it.”

His statement comes after a brief meeting with Goa Forward President Vijay Sardesai, which took place at the latter’s residence.

Amidst the political crisis of the Congress in Karnataka, 10 out of 15 MLAs of the Congress party in Goa also broke away from their party switching to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday.

The Congress alleged that the MLAs were lured with money and false promises of ministerial positions if they switched parties.

However, the Leader of Opposition in Goa Assembly Chandrakant Kavlekar had earlier said that they joined the BJP unconditionally because the Chief Minister was doing good work.

Sardesai, the Deputy Chief Minister, and two other ministers are likely to be dropped from the state cabinet of the Pramod-led government in order to accommodate the 10 newly joined MLAs. Following their arrival, the ruling BJP party has a healthy majority of 27 members in the 40-member Goa Legislative Assembly.

Lourenco is among the only five remaining members of Congress party in Goa. The Congress had emerged as the single largest party in 2017 assembly polls.

With IANS inputs