New Delhi: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has sought help from three Union Ministers namely Narendra Singh Tomar, Harsh Vardhan and Nitin Gadkari to rebuild Kerala which is recovering from the floods. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi is planning to visit the worst-hit Wayanad constituency for the second time in less than a month.

The death toll in the Kerala floods stood at 125 this month. Notably, about 16,000 houses were damaged in the floods that ravaged the state for the second consecutive year.

Gandhi had written to Union Rural Development Minister Narendra Singh Tomar to ensure that the MGNREGA undertakes flood rehabilitation efforts in Kerala. Further, the letter sought to increase the minimum guaranteed employment days from 100 to 200 days.

A report quoted a letter written by Rahul Gandhi: “Kerala witnessed one of the worst floods in the last few decades. Heavy rains, flooding, landslides have left people homeless, and rendered thousands of houses uninhabitable due to the deposition of mud and silt in the houses.” It further read, “I would like to request you to expand the scope of works under MGNREGA for the state of Kerala for enabling the state to take up needed flood rehabilitation works, and also increase the minimum guaranteed days of employment for a family to 200 days.”

While 14 people died in Wayanad alone, around 60 were killed in neighbouring Malappuram, parts of which fall under the Wayanad constituency.

In a written letter to Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, the Congress leader sought funds necessary for the repair and maintenance of roads in Wayanad. Rahul Gandhi urged the transport minister to repair the 20 stretches on National Highway 766 that connects Kerala and Karnataka.

Rahul Gandhi also wrote a letter to the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan requesting the setting up of new relief camps in Wayanad.