New Delhi: Asking party workers and leaders to come strongly against the Central government’s policies, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday said the party needs to have a concrete agitational agenda.

She said all the people of the party must go to the streets in villages and towns to fight against the Central government’s policies as it is not enough to be active and aggressive on social media.

While addressing a meeting of party general secretaries, state unit chiefs and Congress legislature party leaders, the Congress president said it is far more important to go to the people directly and fight for their problems.

“We must stand up fearlessly to fight on the streets, fight in villages, towns, and cities. We must have a concrete agitational agenda on issues of pressing concern to the people–whether they be economic or social,” Sonia told ANI.

“It is not enough to be active and aggressive on social media even though that too is needed and we need to do that better. Far more important is to go to the people directly,” she added.

Slamming the Modi government on a number of issues such as ‘economic slowdown,’ ‘vendetta politics’ and ‘silencing dissent’, Sonia said the country was looking at the Congress to confront these forces.

Sonia’s focus on agitational politics comes at a time when the party is suffering a series of electoral defeats over the past five years.

After the Lok Sabha poll debacle, the party was seen highlighting a number of issues in press conferences and social media but was not seen holding agitations or marches.