New Delhi: The Congress party on Monday alleged that the crimes against women were on the rise in the Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled states and it reflects the mindset of the ruling party. Expressing concern over the recent incidents in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat, Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi when will the crime against women end under his rule.

Demanding a judicial probe into the Bihar school assault case, in which as many as 34 schoolgirls were beaten up by some minor boys and their parents for rejecting sexual advances, Chaturvedi termed it as a serious case of mob-violence and backlash.

Chaturvedi raised the incident in Muzaffarpur where 42 girls were sexually assaulted at a shelter home and said this exposed the hollow claims of the Nitish Kumar-led JDU-BJP Government. “NDA Government in Bihar has given a ‘free license to oppress’ women. High time there is a judicial investigation in the entire incident and the culprits are brought to book,” she told reporters.

“The issue of ‘beti bachao’ is now becoming ‘beti bachao from BJP’ (Save daughters from BJP),” she alleged. She further cited incidents of Unnao in UP to Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir to the recent horrific rape of a 14-month-old in Gujarat. “Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi fasts for nine days of Navratra, we want to ask nine questions to him, on women security….Women of India will give a befitting reply to PM Modi and the BJP in the forthcoming elections,” she said.

“Modi government promised ‘One Stop Centres’ for rape survivors in every district. Later this was reduced to just 36. Not even a single proper One Stop Centre’ has been set up in the last four and a half years. Is it not true that Crime Against Women’ is at its highest amongst BJP ruled states? Is it not a fact that BJP MPs and MLAs have serious cases of violence against women registered against them,” she asked.

She further alleged that PM Modi brazenly used Nirbhaya incident for BJP campaign during 2014 elections but kept silent over Kathua, Unnao, Mandsaur and Naliya. “PM brazenly used Nirbhaya incident to campaign in 2014 election while his silence on Kathua, Unnao, Mandsaur and Naliya has exposed his politics of opportunism,” she said.

With PTI inputs