New Delhi, November 26: After creating waves abroad, during his back to back rips, first to the United Kingdom, then to Turkey for the G-20 Summit and then finally to Malaysia for the ASEAN summit, prime minister Narendra Modi must have been tired. At least that’s what one could’ve easily deduced from his lax demeanour and body language in the Parliament today. The PM was caught catching a quick nap, right next to a very animated Rajnath Singh, who was delivering a speech on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

Now, this is not the first time that a PM has been caught napping in the India Parliament. But well, Twitterati being cruel as usual, jumped at the opportunity. Twitter started buzzing with people tweeting about the prime minister’s extremely probable jet lag! People shared snapshots and videos of what looked like the PM napping, even as the home minister spoke about Dr. Ambedkar, on his birth anniversary. While some people compared his snapshots with snapshots of a lot of former PMs napping, some others raged on about how the Modi could sleep on the Constitution Day, no less! Also Read: AAP ad on Constitution Day skips ‘Secular’ and ‘Socialist’ words from Preamble, party apologises for the mistake

Some others also came to his rescue saying that he was reading from something that could not be seen on the camera. Well, whatever it was Twitter had a field day with a variety of memes and jokes circulating on Twitter under the hashtag #PMJetLag. Here are some of the choicest few tweets that gave a few well deserved giggles at the expense of the PM’s nap! Oops!