New Delhi, Nov 26 : With the winter session about to get under-way from today Prime Minister  Narendra Modi urged all the parties to participate in an engagement that involves healthy debates and discussions on issues and less of disruption. The first two days of the one month session will be commemorated as the Constitution Day. It will also mark the 125 years of birth anniversary celebration of  DR BR Ambedkar.

Given the situation the parliament is expected to witness some very extensive debates on boiling issues like Intolerance and GST bill. The ruling NDA has also expressed confidence and interest in discussing any issues notwithstanding including the issues and protests raised by the opposition.

Speaking to the media outside the parliament the Prime Minister also mentioned that the constitution of India defines HOPE where in H stands for harmony, O for opportunity, P for Participation, and E for equality. Modi also expressed his desire and interest to see the people of the country upholds the integrity and solidarity of the constitution of India that will make the founding fathers of the constitution feel proud alongside its national image.

Home minister Rajnath Singh is also expected to start a discussion on the commitment to constitution as part of Dr Ambedkar’s 125th birth Anniversary celebrations. Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu also paralleled many views expressed by the Prime Minister and said they were open to any discussions on the issues lately even though most of the cases were under state domain and opposition ruled states. (ALSO READ : Parliament to commemorate 125th birth anniversary of Dr B. R. Ambedkar)

Earlier yesterday, Congress Vice President on the sidelines of his visit to Mount Carmel college in Bangalore had mentioned that they will raise the issue of tolerance since the ruling party and the Modi has not taken constructive steps to placate the tensed situation in the country rising out of various disturbances and loss of  human lives including return of awards from notable intellectuals as a mark of protest.