New Delhi: A 50-year-old coronavirus patient in Bengaluru allegedly committed suicide on Monday inside the campus of Victoria Hospital Trauma Care Centre where he was being treated for the contagious infection. Also Read - Coronavirus: Cases in Pakistan Rise Above 69,470; Death Toll Nears 1,500-mark

The incident was brought to attention at around 8:30 AM. The man had recently tested positive for COVID-19 and was being treated for Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) as a result of the viral infection. Also Read - Bangladesh Reopens Offices, Transport Services Amid Spike in Coronavirus Cases

He was also suffering from hypertension and renal disorder, the doctors told reporters. He was admitted to the hospital two days ago and had undergone one round of dialysis, while the second one was scheduled later in the day. Also Read - Amid Sharp GDP Data Revision, Debate Continues Over Its Fairness

However, eyewitnesses told reporters that he jumped off from the fire exit window on the third floor, onto the first floor shed.