New Delhi: On Wednesday — which marks the third day of lockdown 3.0 — the total number of COVID-19 positive cases reached 49,391 including 33,514 active cases. However, the death toll in the 24 hours has been down to 126. Also Read - Three-Phase Unlock 1.0 From Tomorrow: States Decide Dos List, Centre Clears Don'ts List

1. The sharp rise in the number of cases can be attributed to more cases being reported from the states and the changing format of the reporting of the cases. For example, West Bengal reported a sharp rise in the numbers as the state mentioned the number of deaths due to co-morbidities as well. Also Read - Coronavirus: As Second-Last Day of Lockdown 4.0 Ends, Here's Where The Four Most-Affected States Stand

2. There have been more tests which are yielding to more number of cases. Also Read - Working From Office in Lockdown 5.0? Follow These Guidelines

3. Several states, including Maharashtra, Delhi, complained that there has been a delay in the test results to come. So, cases which are now being reported as positive were actually tested at least 10 days ago. Taking the incubation period in consideration, those got infected at least 20 days ago.

4. Is this a cause for concern? “While the lockdown has helped in flattening the curve, the curve has not shown a downward trend. That is a cause for concern. That’s why the next four to six weeks will be very, very important because the lockdown cannot be there forever. The ideal, the dream would be to have zero cases. But I don’t see that happening. The number of cases is still increasing every day. But the rise in the curve is not so sharp that we can’t handle it,” AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria has said.

5. Number of patients recovering will also be up in the coming days.

However, after the liquor shops were opened following Centre’s guideline, social distancing has been thrown to the wind. This remains a concern whether this will spurt new infections.