New Delhi: On the day, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in India reached 31, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that coronavirus is a big challenge in front of the world. “Every era brings new challenges to test and strengthen our collaborate to create spirit,” PM Modi said as he was speaking at Economic Times Global Summit. Also Read - This is How Coronavirus May Affect Your Travel Plan

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“Some people consider inaction as the most convenient action. For us, development and delivery of good governance is not a matter of convenience but conviction. It is our conviction to break the status quo,” the PM said, giving the example of the post of the chief of defence staff.

On Citizenship law and the abrogation of Article 70, the PM said, “People who preach on rights of refugees in the entire world are opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act meant for the refugees. Those who refer to the Constitution on every matter are against the implementation of Constitution in J&K through abrogation of Article 370.”

“In the last few years, the global economy is reeling in crisis. But we took several initiatives to minimise its impact on the Indian economy. India is the world’s fifth-largest economy. In 2014, we were at the 11th position,” the PM said.

Collaboration with the private sector, fair competition, wealth creation, deletion of archaic laws are the four steps being taken to strengthen the economy, the PM said.