New Delhi: Within a few weeks of the first confirmed case of coronavirus reported in India, the number of total cases has now jumped to over 140. Health experts, politicians, celebrities are asking people to maintain hygiene and to not panic. But how serious is the actual situation? The Indian Council of Medical Research has claimed that India is on stage two. Italy and Spain are in stage 3, while China was in stage 4. Also Read - First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus in Indian Army As Jawan in Ladakh Tests Positive for COVID-19

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1. Import of coronavirus: This is the phase when India reported its first few cases in Kerala. Those were imported cases. Those who were affected had contracted the virus from Wuhan. Also Read - Coronavirus in Pakistan: We Are Not US, We Can't go For Shutdown, Says PM Imran Khan

2. Local transmission: This started when people with no travel history abroad started getting the disease. For example, when the first Delhi man who came from Europe infected six others in Agra is a case of local transmission.

3. Community transmission: This is a stage when it is not easy to identify the origin of the virus. The patients might get it even if they have not come in touch with an infected person. India has not reported any such case yet. All positive cases can be either attributed to travel or infected persons.

4. Epidemic: What China experienced from late January to February is epidemic with no end at the sight. This is stage four. Italy and Spain have not yet entered the stage.