New Delhi: The toughest bouts, amid the coronavirus pandemic, are faced by pregnant women who test positive for the grave infection, give birth to newborns and are then separated for days to prevent the risk of transmitting the disease. However, some health workers and hospital staff go the extra mile and help the mothers interact with their newborn children. Also Read - COVID-19 Weekly Wrap | Nearly 50,000 Cases Reported in India in Last 7 Days; Experts Blame Lockdown Relaxations

In such an effort, the hospital staff at Aurangabad Civil Hospital arranged a video call between a COVID-19 positive mother and her newborn baby who were kept in separate wards so that the child does not recieve the virus. Also Read - Three-Phase Unlock 1.0 From Tomorrow: States Decide Dos List, Centre Clears Don'ts List

Regarding the health of the mother and child, the concerned doctor said that the child was tested negative for coronavirus. “On April 18, the baby was born by cesarean section and tested negative,” said Aurangabad Civil Surgeon Dr. Sunder Kulkarni. Also Read - Coronavirus: As Second-Last Day of Lockdown 4.0 Ends, Here's Where The Four Most-Affected States Stand

However, it is unclear as to if the mother will be able to breastfeed the child while she still carries the virus.

According to WHO, women with COVID-19 can breastfeed if they wish to but should practice hygiene during the feeding, where a mask where available, wash hands before and after touching the baby and routinely clean and disinfect surfaces they have touched.