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    Coronavirus in India LIVE: All cinema halls in West Bengal will remain closed till March 31, while film shoots in the state would remain suspended up to March 30 as the state reported its first COVID-19 case on Tuesday.

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    Coronavirus in India LIVE: Kolkata Reports First Positive Case

    First positive case of coronavirus reported in Kolkata, West Bengal. The person had a recent travel history to England.

  • 10:21 PM IST

    Coronavirus in India LIVE: First positive case of coronavirus reported in West Bengal.

  • 9:53 PM IST

    Coronavirus in India LIVE: As many as 300 Indians are stranded at Kuala Lumpur airport after the Centre cancelled incoming flights from Malaysia in the wake of the pandemic.

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    Coronavirus in India LIVE: At least 76 trains of the Indian Railways have been cancelled in view of the rising fears of coronavirus epidemic. The railways have also issued strict guidelines that any staff or caterer with fever, cough, runny nose or difficulty in breathing should not be deployed on trains.

  • 9:42 PM IST

    Coronavirus in India LIVE: The Ministry of External Affairs officials said that they cannot confirm whether more than 250 Indians in Iran have tested positive for novel coronavirus. “The Indians who are in Iran are being very well looked after by our mission. The ambassador is giving a lot of attention to them,” the MEA stated.

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    Coronavirus in India LIVE: Government of India deputes 30 officers of Joint Secretary and above level, to assist state Governments ineffective management of COVID-19

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    Coronavirus in India LIVE: A 58-year-old Indonesian man in Hyderabad tested positive for coronavirus, takin the total positive count in Telangana to five.

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    Coronavirus in India LIVE: Two people who tested positive at Delhi’s ITBP Camp in Chawla have been shifted to Safdarjung Hospital. They had a travel history from Milan, Italy, with a batch of 216 other people dated March 15.

Coronavirus in India LIVE: The number of coronavirus cases across the country reached 126, after 7 new cases were reported from Noida, Karnataka and Ladakh. In Karnataka and Noida, two people tested positive for COVID-19, while in Ladakh 3 persons were diagnosed with the deadly epidemic. According to the reports of Union Health Ministry, Maharashtra has highest number of positive cases followed by Kerala. Also Read - China Reveals Over 1,300 Asymptomatic Cases of Coronavirus

Yesterday, in a bid to contact the deadly virus, the Narendra Modi-led Centre issued a fresh advisory on social distancing measures. Besides, it is also formulating a strategy as to how to go about with coronavirus casualties. Also Read - UEFA Postpones All International Matches Scheduled For June Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The government has suggested closure of all educational establishments (schools, colleges, universities etc.), gymnasiums, museums, cultural and social centres, swimming pools and theatres till March 31. The Centre has also written to all the Chief Secretaries to promote online education. Also Read - Maniesh Paul Says Strict Action Should Be Taken Against Lockdown Violators

The Centre advised the states to explore the possibility of postponing exams. The ongoing exams will be conducted only after ensuring a physical distance of one metre between the students.

The government, further, asked the private sector to allow employees to work from home wherever feasible. “Meetings, as far as feasible, shall be done through video conferencing. Minimise or reschedule meetings involving large number of people unless necessary,” read a government statement.

The Centre has strongly urged restaurants to ensure handwashing protocol and proper cleanliness of frequently touched surfaces. “Ensure physical distancing (minimum one metre) between tables; encourage open air seating with adequate distancing,” said the advisory.

Those who have already planned a wedding are allowed to go ahead, but are requested to have a limited gathering. All non-essential social and cultural gatherings should be postponed, the advisory added.

Apart from that, PM Modi also urged people to share the technology-driven solutions to tackle the infection.

“Harnessing innovation for a healthier planet. A lot of people have been sharing technology-driven solutions for COVID-19. I would urge them to share them on ‘MyGovIndia’. These efforts can help many,” PM Modi tweeted yesterday.