Patna: After a judge of Patna High Court cited corruption in the judiciary while hearing the bail plea of corruption accused former IAS KP Ramaiah, the Chief Justice withdrew all cases on Wednesday that were pending before him.

“All matters pending before Justice Rakesh Kumar, sitting singly including tired up/part-heard or otherwise stand withdraw with immediate effect,” the notice issued by Patna High Court Chief Justice AP Shahi read.

Justice Rakesh Kumar had hit out at the judges and the High Court administration and questioned how the IAS officer was granted bail by a lower court when the High Court, as well as Supreme Court, had rejected his request for protection from arrest.

Ramaiah is accused of embezzling Rs 5 crore from the Bihar Mahadalit Vikas Mission, a government scheme for the marginalised section of Scheduled castes.

Justice Kumar said that a “corrupt officer” like Ramaiah secured bail as a duty judge heard his case in place of the regular judge.

He directed the district judge to carry out an inquiry into whether the regular vigilance court was on leave due to genuine cause or went on leave in a calculated way.

Justice Kumar alleged that the full bench of Patna High Court had let off judges from the lower judiciary with minor punishment instead of exemplary punishment.

“After my elevation as a judge, I started to notice that senior judges were buttering Chief Justice. Initially, I thought why such action was shown by the senior judges, but after some time, I could gather that such actions were being taken to get their favourite or caste man elevated as a judge or do some favour to corrupt judicial officers,” recorded the judge.