New Delhi: Counting of votes to the 288 seats in Maharashtra will start at 8 am. Once the counting starts, Zee News will come up with the latest updates that will give a clear picture of the trends. (Full Coverage here)

The Live streaming of the ZEE News is available here. Stay tuned to this place for 360-degree coverage on each and every seat of the state. One can also watch Zee 24 Taas for the results of the Maharashtra Assembly election 2019. The Live streaming of Zee 24 Taas is available here.

According to Times Now Exit Poll, the BJP-Sena alliance will get 230 seats in Maharashtra, Congress 48 and others 10 seats. India Today-My Axis predicts more seats for Congress (81). BJP, according to this exit poll, will get 181 seats. Others will get 26 seats. CNN-News18-IPSOS predicts that the BJP will win 243 seats while the Congress will get 41 seats and others will end up with four seats. ABP-C Voter predicts 204 seats for the BJP and 69 for the Congress. Others will get 15 seats. According to the projections of TV9 Marathi, the BJP will get 197 seats, Congress 75 and others 16. Jan Ki predicts 213 seats for the BJP, 61 seats for the Congress and 14 seats for others.

The voter turnout saw a dip this time compared to 2014. Maharashtra registered a provisional voter turnout of 60.05 per cent until 6 pm, down from 63.08 per cent in 2014.

As the Exit Polls indicate, Devendra Fadnavis is all set to become the Chief Minister for the second time. He has already set the record of becoming the first chief minister in Maharashtra to complete a full five-year term in nearly 50 years.