New Delhi: The country is expected to have a well-distributed rainfall during monsoons this year, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted on Monday. This news is welcoming for farmers as it will be beneficial for them in the ensuing Kharif season.

“India is going to have a near-normal monsoon in 2019 as the south-west monsoon is likely to be normal,” said M. Rajeevan Nair, Secretary Ministry of Earth Sciences. He said that over a long term average, they expect 96 per cent rainfall of 89 cm.

“Al Nino will start weakening by June, which will ensure that good rainfall is not affected,” explained Nair.

According to the latest global forecasts, weak El Nino conditions are likely to persist this summer.

“We expect a uniform distribution of monsoon across the country…it will be well distributed. This will be a good year for farmers,” added the Secretary.

Monsoon is likely to be 96 per cent of the long period average (LPA), a senior official of the IMD said. LPA is the average rainfall between 1951 and 2000, which is 89 cm. Anything between 90-95 per cent of LPA falls under the “below normal” category.

In 2018, against a forecast of 97 per cent long term average, India had recorded 91 per cent rains at the end of July-September monsoon season.

(With agency inputs)