New Delhi: In a spine-chilling incident, five of a family were found dead inside their Delhi home. An interim probe into the matter suggested that they committed suicide owing to financial problems, a report by NDTV said.

According to sources, the family — Shambhunath (43), his wife Sunita (38), daughter Kavita (16), sons Sachin (14) and another son — was living in a rented accommodation in Bhajanpura C block for some time.

As per the report, the deaths are known to have taken place four-five days ago.

Since the bodies had started decomposing, the neighbours could smell a strong stench emanating from the house. They called the police.

When the police came, they found the doors bolted from inside. As a result, the police had to broke into the house.

The police later found out that the man worked as an e-rickshaw driver. The family had moved in six months ago.