New Delhi, Feb 13: With just one day to go for Valentine Day, a Hindu outfit Bajrang Dal has warned couples, who are found celebrating the foreign festival in public, will be married off immediately. The group claims that this is against our Indian values.

In Ahmedabad, fringe group members have put posters asking young girls to say no to love jihad and refrain from celebrating valentine day.  They also organised several seminars in colleges with the help of Durga Vahini where young girls were asked not to fall for love jihad.

Activists have been asked not to indulge in violence and have been advised to demonstrate their stance in peace. Activists plan to move around tomorrow with a saffron lathi (wooden stick) in areas frequented by youngsters to instil fear in them and condemn Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, Lucknow university has issued a circular telling students not to wander inside its premises on Valentine’s Day. The university, in the circular dated February 10, said that disciplinary action would be taken against those who violate the directive.

The Bajrang Dal has warned pubs and restaurants in Hyderabad not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Members of the outfit approached some outlets in Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills areas, and asked the owners not to organise any Valentine’s Day event.

Similarly members of fringe group took out an awareness rally in the Nagpur city warning the couples. For many years this group has been opposing Valentine’s Day celebrations claiming that it represents western values and that Indian youth were getting carried away it.

However, despite the opposition, Valentine’s Day will still be celebrated across the country. There could be some incidents of vandalism and brazen moral policing, but such incidents are not likely to effect the spirit of Valentine’s Day.