New Delhi: Acknowledging that the livelihood of construction workers in the national capital has been affected by the coronavirus lockdown, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said that his government will give Rs 5,000 to construction workers. Also Read - 'No New Case of COVID-19 in Delhi in Last 24 Hours,' Says CM Arvind Kejriwal

Addressing a press conference, Kejriwal also said that the government will also increase the number of night shelters in the city. Also Read - COVID-19: 'Delhi Govt to Increase DTC Bus Services From Tuesday,’ Says Kejriwal

“We have decided to give Rs 5000 each to all construction workers as their livelihood has been affected. We are also increasing the number of night shelters in the city,” Kejriwal said. Also Read - Coronavirus: 'Delhi to be Under Complete Lockdown Till March 31,' Announces CM Arvind Kejriwal

He also said that there are many daily wage earners in Delhi who stay at rented homes. “If some tenants are not in a condition to pay their rents to landlords, they can be given some concession for 2-3 months,” he added.

Giving updates on coronavirus, Kejriwal said that no new case of coronavirus has been reported in Delhi in the past 40 hours. He also added that the earlier number of virus-infected patients has also gone down from 30 to 23.

“In the last 40 hours, no new patient has been tested positive for COVID-19 in Delhi. Of the 30 patients, some patients have gone home. There are only 23 patients now,” he added.

Kejriwal said he has constituted a five-member doctors’ panel to suggest a plan to deal with the situation if Delhi enters stage 3 of the coronavirus pandemic. the panel will to submit its report within 24 hours.

“We have set up 5-member doctor team to suggest plan to deal with situation if Delhi reaches stage 3 of coronavirus pandemic,” Kejriwal said.

He added that people should not discriminate against and harass those professionals such as doctors, nurses, pilots and air hostesses who are extending help in this fight against the virus.