Guwahati: Cows give more milk if someone plays the flute, that too, in “a special tune which Lord Krishna also played,” says Assam BJP leader Dilip Kumar Paul.

At an event, last Sunday in Silchar, reported a leading daily Paul had claimed, “It has been proven by modern scientists that if we can play the flute in a special tune, which Lord Krishna used to do, the amount of milk increases multiple times.” Calling it the science of the ancient times, Paul said, “we are going to bring this technique back to modern times”.

Hastening to add that he wasn’t a scientist, Paul said, “With vast knowledge in Indian traditional study, I can say that these claims are true and scientists nowadays have started believing in these ideas.”

Paul had stirred a controversy last year when he criticised then Silchar MP and president of All India Mahila Congress Sushmita Dev for riding on the shoulder of a male supporter at a protest in New Delhi. He had called her “Kalank of Silchar” and mocked her that she was an “unmarried woman at the age of 50”.

He was elected as deputy speaker in the Assam Assembly but resigned from the post in May 2018  a day before the Joint Parliamentary Committee arrived in Silchar.

Some BJP MLAs are known to shoot off their mouths. Another such leader is Surendra Singh, who is known for making controversial statements. Only last month, Singh claimed that Indian culture is being destroyed in the regions where there is a concentration of Muslims and Christians. He also showered praise on PM Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath saying that God has sent them (Modi and Yogi) in the field of politics as avatars who will keep India colourful with the idea of ‘Hindutva’ (Hinduism).