New Delhi, Feb 25: With the peaceful environment of the country getting shattered each moment and there is a growing sense of insecurity among the students and marginalsed section of the society, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) slammed the Narendra Modi government for creating a situation of discomfort and disbelief. CPI (M) alleged that its is due to the hooliganism of the present government that the country’s intellectuals are facing atrocities and appealed to all the countrymen to be united at this time of urgency.

Reacting on the recent development, the Polit Bureau of CPI(M) issued the statement in their official page condemning the action of Bharatiya Janata Party ruled central government. Through their statement they not only criticised Narendra Modi and his team, but also expressed their anger and anguish over the growing signs of hatred among the masses. The Polit Bureau also condemned use of violence unilaterally to intimidate individuals, groups, identities holding contrary views. (ALSO READ: CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury receives threat call; demands him to leave India)

The statement said, “The Polit Bureau of the CPI (M) expresses its grave concern and anguish over the growing signs of hatred and use of violence unilaterally to intimidate individuals, groups, identities who hold views contrary to those of the perpetrators.” The party in their statement expressed their shock over the acid chemical attack on the social activist and AAP functionary Soni Sori in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, who was brought to the national capital for treatment and is still under medication.

Adding more, the party criticised the move by an extreme right wing group which assaulted a policeman, Yusuf Sheikh in Latur in Maharashtra, who was paraded by the mob for raising his voice against hoisting a saffron flag in Ambedkar Chowk. It was evident from his complaint that Sheikh was trying top stop the mob not to hoist the flag at the that place, as it could lead to incitement of violence. Sheikh in his complaint had said, “I phoned the control room and appraised them about the situation. Using my mobile, I called the in-charge of the Renapur station on his cell phone. But still, they failed to send reinforcements in time. The policemen reached Pangaon by 10.10 am. By then, the mob had assaulted me brutally and humiliated me by parading me.” (ALSO READ: JNU arrest row: Sitaram Yechury calls it undeclared Emergency; Student Union recall Rohith Vemula case)

Alleging that proper initiatives were not taken and both the case of JNU and HCU were mishandled, the Polit bureau said, “Similar violence was let loose on Kanhaiya Kumar and academics and journalists while he was in police custody and was being produced in the Sessions Court in the Patiala House precinct.” It alleged that if security was insured at the court premises, then Kanhiaya would not had been assaulted at the court premises.

CPI(M) mentioned through their statement said that due to this incitement by the mob and the police inaction against the perpetrators. people are afraid to knock the doors of judiciary which is a grave concern. With the current situation going out of hands, the CPI(M) said that there is an atmosphere in the country which depicts the presence of intolerance, hatred and polarisation. The statement said, “No doubt, the overall atmosphere in the country which smacks of intolerance, hatred and polarisation has apparently emboldened the perpetrators.” (ALSO READ: Smriti Irani slams Opposition, Rahul Gandhi over JNU issue in her Lok Sabha speech; Key highlights)

Ending the statement, the Polit Bureau demanded the central government to initiate measures to stops such blatant violations of law and  the constitutional principles. The party sought an assurance for the Prime Minister that citizens of India that the Constitution will not be allowed to be breached by the hooligans and ‘Pseudo Nationalists’, claiming themselves to be the driving forces behind protecting the society.

Photo credit: Pacific Press