Chennai: In a tragic incident, three men in Tamil Nadu’s Chengalpattu died after they allegedly consumed paint varnish due to the non-availability of alcohol in the state amid the coronavirus lockdown. Also Read - Suffering From Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Due to Unavailability of Liquor During COVID-19 Lockdown? Here is How to Deal With Them

The incident happened in Chengalpattu on Sunday, when the the three men, identified as Shivasankar, Pradeep and Sivaraman were rushed to the government hospital after they were found in a serious condition. Also Read - Kerala's Tragedy: COVID-19 Claims 1 Life But Alcohol Ban Kills 9 in The State Amid Lockdown

Upon investigation, it was found that these 3 men were alcohol addicts and after being unable to procure liquor, they decided to drink paint with varnish, in desperation. After consuming the deadly concoction, they started vomiting and were rushed to a government hospital for treatment, but in vain.

While one died immediately, the remaining two did not respond to the treatment and also succumbed.

This is the second such incident reported from Tamil Nadu. A few days back, three alcoholics died after consuming soft drinks mixed with after-shave lotion in Pudukottai district.

In Kerala, the non-availability of liquor has claimed at least nine lives in various parts of the state. In the wake of rising suicides, the state government decided to issue passes for drinkers who show ‘withdrawal symptoms’.

Meanwhile, counselling centres across the country are being bombarded with calls from people who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.