Right after the news of a suicidal man jumping into a lion’s enclosure hoping they will eat him rocked the world today morning, an Indian man has decided to already outdo him. And how does he plan to outdo his rival? By jumping into a cage a la his rival but then, not for suicide but rather, for a handshake! Mukesh Kumar, a resident of Rajasthan was on a visit to the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad on Sunday and while roaming around, he apparently, suddenly “felt a desire” to shake hands with and kiss a lion! Not waiting for even a moment to consider the ramifications of his actions, he jumped right into the lion’s enclosure!

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A pair of South African lions – Radha and Kishen, reside in the enclosure and he went right near them, wanting to meet them, shake hands with them and even kiss them! Luckily for him (and unluckily for the lions), the zoo managerial staff were on alert as it was a weekend and there was high crowd and they constantly monitored the CCTV cameras. The security personnel caught Mukesh on camera as soon as he jumped into the lion cage and rushed to pull him out. They managed to get there in the nick of time and removed a flustered but unrepentant Mukesh from the cage. Needless to say, he was immediately taken to the nearest police station and handed over to the cops.

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The man quite surprised everyone with his act and the zoo authorities even questioned him, asking him why he did such an act. They even suspected him to be mentally imbalanced or under the influence of alcohol or drugs but on talking to him, he seemed to be a sane man not prone to sudden fits. However, further questioning revealed him to be drunk, and thus, his act. However, this is not the first time they have come across such weird people. Apparently, one man even stood on a turtle’s back for a selfie because he wanted to prove how great he was!!! Recently, another youth jumped into a water-body in the butterfly area while clicking a selfie and lost his life!

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The man jumped into the cave and was holding his hand right out to the lions but the men on the sidelines are seen deflecting the cats by throwing things at them to save the drunk man! Oh and, how exactly did he manage to swim through in that drunken state?! Crazy, insane man! Risking his life and also, the life of the zoo authorities who would have to resort to other measures to save him if he hadn’t obeyed them! Well seriously, we wonder what possess people to go to such extent. The Rajastahn man, what were you thinking? That the lions would say ‘cheese’ and probably show you the peace sign while you flip out your phone for a selfie?!