A 48-year-old man from Tumkur suspected that a Bescom (Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company Limited) employee was getting too close to comfort with his wife. He made sure to get revenge in the best but most weird way possible. The man apparently couriered couple of cobras to the employee! He also sent a note along with the creepy crawly creatures.

The man’s message was loud and clear; to stay away from his wife, or to be ready to receive many more such dangerous surprise. The Bescom employee was scared for his life when he opened the parcel addressed to him, only to find two cobras jumping out of the box.

This bizarre incident took place on Tuesday after at the Bescom office near Shivananda Circle. The man received the parcel at his office and when on opening it saw the cobras, he threw the box outside the office. Not only the receiver but also other employees were scared when they received the unexpected parcel.

The DCP has said that they will be investigating this case soon and will get in touch with the courier company that delivered the boxful of cobras to the Bescom employee. They have received lead from the employee, they will investigate the case and soon will arrest the mischievous sender of the bizarre parcel. Although the incident is as bizarre as it gets, but this might send across a warning to all those indulging in adultery. (Picture used is only for representational purpose)