New Delhi: Crimes in the national capital have registered a dip of 25-70 per cent, a leading daily reported. In comparison to last year’s data, a significant dip in various crimes till September 30 has been registered, says the latest crime report released by Delhi police. Further, the crimes that have been on the rise since years have also shown a slump.

Going by the numbers reported by Times of India, a total of 1,639 cases of rape were registered till September 30 in comparison to 1,673 rapes reported last year in the same time period. Coming to molestation, as many as 2,535 cases were reported against 2,610 cases registered last year.

Likewise, 357 murders were registered in 2018 while 385 were reported last year. The similar downward trend could be seen in robberies and snatchings too. In 2018, 5034 cases were reported in snatchings while 6,772 were registered last year. In robbery, there were only 1,852 cases reported in 2018 as against 2,230 last year.

Furthermore, cases of burglary in 2018 have also gone down significantly. In 2017, the number of cases relating to the burglary was 9,819 while in 2018, it was 3,090.

Last year, crimes in the national capital increased by 12 per cent, with the police saying that factors like economic disparity, consumerism and slack family control had a bearing on the rising figures, PTI reported. However, records show that crimes in the city under major heads like rapes, murders have declined. The increase in motor vehicle thefts continues to be an area of concern for the police. According to the data shared by Delhi Police, 2,23,075 cases were registered in 2017 as opposed to 1,99,110 in 2016. The total Indian Penal Code (IPC) crimes per lakh of population during 2017 was 1,263 in comparison to 1,137 in 2016.