Srikakulam: Seven persons were injured, allegedly after the country-made bombs they were making for the hunting of wild boars, accidentally went off, in Yatapet village in Andhra Pradesh. (Also read: Wealthy Brothers Among Sri Lanka Easter Sunday Bombings)

Local media reported that the condition of two was critical.

Reports say a couple lived in the rented apartment. Y Ramana and Laxmi were reportedly into the manufacture of country-made bombs to be used to kill wild animals.

One of those bombs exploded on Wednesday and under the impact of the explosion, the roof of the house collapsed, and residents of adjacent houses also sustained injuries.

A local media report identified the injured as Y Ramana, Y Laxmi, J Pentamma, P Ramesh, A Srilaxmi, P Durgaprasad, I Raju, Y Sandeep and M Appanna. A two-year-old boy also sustained injuries.