New Delhi, June 7: The Government would soon be developing a system dedicated to complaints of cybercrime against women and children, say media reports. The decision was taken recently at a meeting chaired by Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi, says a report in The Indian Express. The portal will flag images related to child pornography, rape, revenge porn and sexually abusive material and would be operational in three months’ time, said PTI. (Also Read: Fake SIM Cards Can Access OTPs)

“I have suggested to representatives from Twitter that they should have a list of words such as rape, bitch, whore or similarly offensive words that are violent in nature,” said Maneka. She said the micro-blogging site would have to find a way to filter out such abusive words based on the context of their use instead of putting a blanket ban on them. She said the ministry will even fund the training of analysts who would sift through the posted material. Ministry officials said the MHA has established a sub-project under Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children. As of now, it would respond to complaints but in the future, they would use technology that would identify and remove such content.

Currently, police report a matter to the cyber cell which flags it to the concerned union government departments. “The intent of having a dedicated portal hosted by the MHA is to accelerate the procedure so that the matter is resolved within 24 hours. The idea is to escalate content so that it can be blocked and removed as well as to start early prosecution,” the official added.

The Ministry, on its Twitter handle, has also posted how the SHe-Box scheme, the first-of-its-kind online reporting and redress of sexual harassment at workplaces, has done well in the past.