Bhubaneswar: The Indian Railways will resume all train services from Bhubaneswar on Sunday. This is in addition to the restoration of the services of 14 passenger trains by the East Coast Railway. The announcement came in 24 hours after cyclone Fani made landfall on eastern coast of Odisha.

Making the announcement, JP Mishra, a spokesperson of the East Coast Railway, said, “Two trains originating from Bhubaneshwar will remain cancelled and all services to Puri are unlikely to begin before May 10. Bhubaneshwar-Tirupati and Vidakhapatnam Intercity have been cancelled due to non-availability of pairing trains.”

Adding, he said, “Train services will run normally from Bhubaneshwar from tomorrow, May 5. This is for originating trains from Bhubaneshwar. Puri has been affected, but since it’s not on the mainline, train services will not be affected.”

Notably, the train services on the mainline have been partially restored where there has been extensive damage to rail infrastructure. But the line will be made operational on Sunday, the spokesperson said.

The section of Puri/Bhubaneshwar/Khurda Road has been badly hit, Mishra said.

“Bhubaneswar and Khurda Road have recovered partially. Ready to take a few trains. There will be no trains to Puri till May 10 at least,” he said.

‘Extremely severe’ cyclone Fani had made a landfall on the eastern coast of Odisha on Friday morning. Eight people were killed due to the storm and several others were left injured.

(With inputs from PTI)