Kolkata, February 6: A class V student of an English-medium school in Kolkata was asked to write an essay on “My Family”, the girl wrote about how her father always beats her mother everyday. The school teacher who was surprised by the essay called girls parents and advised them to resolve the issue of domestic violence taking place in front of little one.

The girl who is reported to be 10-year-old was asked by her class teacher in Salt Lake, Kolkata to write an essay about “My Family” a class assignment.

The little one reportedly started her essay by writing, “My dad is a bad man. He beats my mother regularly. Mom and I cry every night. No one cares for us”. Read Also: (Cruelty against children is crime against humanity: Kailash Satyarthi)

She further wrote that her uncles have turned a deaf ear to them and her father also beats her regularly. The essay explained victims ordeal which the girl is facing everyday.

The essay does not end there. She also wrote that, “When I will grow up, I will take my mother far away from my dad”. The teacher who knew little about the victim’s family was surprised to see what kind of pain and suffering her student has been witnessing everyday.

The school authorities after reading the essay spoke to the principal and they consulted their school counsellor as well.

After a brief meeting, the school teacher decided to call girls parents (both mother and father) and the counsellor suggested them to stay separately unless the father gains respect in front of her only child. The victim is now consulting regularly with the counsellor.