Noida, July 14: An FIR has been filed against the family members of Mohammed Akhlaq on instructions of a local court. Charges of ‘cow slaughter’ have been levelled against the kin of deceased Akhlaq. The magistrate hearing the matter observed that the prima facie evidence placed before the judiciary by the residents of Bisada village demand a cognizable charge against the family members of Akhlaq.Also Read - Assam Passes Cattle Protection Bill as Opposition Stages Walkout. All You Need to Know About The Proposed Law

Mohammed Akhlaq was murdered on September 28 last year for allegedly slaughtering a cow and consuming its meat. He was lynched by a frenzied mob comprising of villagers and Hindutva activists. The prelimanry forensic report of meat seized from his home revealed that Akhlaq’s family had only consumed goat’s meat, and frivolus charges were levelled against them in order to execute the male members of the family. However, months later, the second forensic report conducted by state lab in Mathura claimed that the meat seized from Akhlaq’s house on that unfateful day of murder was indeed beef. Also Read - Assam Cattle Preservation Bill 2021: No Sale of Cows Within 5 Kms of Temple, Says CM Sarma

Residents of Bisada village led by one Surjapal Singh approached the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar on June 9 and demanded him to instruct the state police to register an FIR. Also Read - Karnataka Government in Process to Bring Laws Against Love Jihad, Cow Slaughter: Deputy CM

Several BJP leaders in the state had demanded the state police to act in an unbiased manner and take action against the family members of Akhlaq if they have slaughtered a cow. Killing of cow is prohibited in Uttar Pradesh, and the violators are subjected to strict penal action.