Lucknow, May 31: Adding a fresh twist to the lynching case of Akhlaq Ahmed in Dadri, the new forensic report issued by Mathura lab claims that the meat which was seized by security forces from the deceased’s home on the eve of his death is ‘beef’. This contradicts an earlier medical report which claimed that it was goat meat which was found at Ikhlaq’s home.Also Read - Cadbury Clarifies on Viral Tweet Claiming Its Products Contain Beef

The report not only has described the meat as ‘beef’, but specifically mentions that it belonged to either cow or it’s progeny. If Akhlaq’s family had consumed cow meat, they had violated the law of the state which prevents the slaughter of cow for consumption or any other purpose, since the bovine animal is considered sacred by Hindus. Also Read - Bill Gates to Beef Eaters: Shift to Synthetic Option to Fight Climate Change

However, Akhlaq’s brother has rejected the findings of the report, accusing a conspiracy. “They are insulting my brother by releasing contradicting reports. If this report is to be believed correct, then was the previous report false? The earlier report clearly mentioned that it was not beef,” he said while speaking to NDTV. Also Read - Rohit Sharma, Indian Players Get Trolled by Fans For Beef Consumption During Controversial Outing in Melbourne; Bill Goes Viral

Akhlaq Ahmed was lynched to death on September 28 by a frenzied mob in Dadri. After an announcement was made in the local temple that cow had been slaughtered by Akhlaq’s family, the mob barged into his house and hacked him to death.