New Delhi, December 23: 15 people, including two juveniles, were named in a chargesheet that was filed on Wedndesday, in relation to the lynching and murder of a Muslim man, Mohammad Akhlaq, in the village of Dadri, on the outskirts of Delhi. Two more were arrested in relation to the murder on Wednesday. Seven people were arrested in the past two days, for the murder, over rumours of cow slaughter and beef consumption by Akhlaq and his family. The incident had sparked nationwide outrage and had even caught international attention.Also Read - Omicron: UP Govt Orders Closure of Schools, Colleges Till January 23 Amid Covid Situation

On September 28, an irate mob had lynched 55 year old Akhlaq and seriously injured his son Danish, after an announcement was made in a local temple that Akhlaq had killed a cow’s calf and had stored and consumed the beef. The incident had taken place in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh and had lead to serious criticism of the Bharatiya Janata Party government. The ruling government was blamed for pushing a Hindutva agenda and leading an attack on minorities. It had started a debate whether the government’s rise to power had lead to an increase in Hindutva fringe elements’ attacks on dissenting voices. Also Read: Dadri purification: Akhlaq’s village will be purified using cow urine and gangajal to ‘atone’ cow slaughter Also Read - UP Assembly Polls 2022: Who Is Archana Gautam, Congress Candidate From Hastinapur Whose Pictures Are Going Viral?

The attack had lead to an uprising of sorts with many prominent writers, artists, scientists and film makers returning national awards, as a mark of protest. This in turn had fuelled a debate on whether intolerance was on the rise in India. This had also lead to furious defence from the BJP leaders, who said that people who said India was becoming intolerant, were trying to spoil the image of the country. Also Read - UP Election 2022: CM Yogi Eats Khichdi at Dalit House Amid Rebellion Within BJP | Watch