Vellore: With no other option to cremate bodies, Dalits in a Tamil Nadu village have been dropping their dead from a 20 feet high bridge, Times of India reported on Thursday. Dalit residents of Narayanapuram village near Vanniyambadi town have been lowering bodies to the riverbank for the past four years.

A video of the same also recently went viral on social media. In the video, we could see a group of people lowering a dead body kept on a cradle and fastened with ropes on opposite sides.

According to the report, man named Kuppan (55), who belonged to Narayanapuram Dalit Colony, lost his life in a car accident. The autopsy was conducted, after which the body was handed over to the family last Saturday.

The report said that after the Arasalanthapuram-Narayanapuram bridge across the river was constructed, it was encroached by other castes who denied Dalits the access to it.

“On Saturday, when we tried to take my uncle’s body through the land strips, watchmen guarding it refused us entry. Fearing clash, villagers used a cradle to drop the body from the body and cremated it,” nephew of Kuppan told the leading newspaper.

Another Dalit member pointed out to the lack of space for a crematorium in the village, as a result, they were forced to do it on the riverbanks.

Dalits assured that no discrimination was faced by other castes but they felt troubled by the encroachments. Hence, they have sought the administration’s help for the same.