New Delhi: In yet another controversial fatwa, Islamic seminary Deoband-based Darul Uloom has issued a fatwa against Muslim women for cutting nails and applying nail polish. Terming it un-Islamic, Mufti Ishrar Gaura said that women should use Mehendi on their nails rather than nail polish.

The fatwa was issued on Sunday. However, this is not the first time that Islamic seminary has issued such kind of the fatwa.

In July, Deoband-based Darul Uloom had issued a fatwa against waxing and shaving saying that these are against Islamic culture and are not considered under Sharia law.

In another fatwa, it had asked Muslims to avoid families that earn their livelihood from working in banks or have earned illegitimate money. It had said that people must consider ‘pious’ families for considering marriage proposals.

In Islam, money has no intrinsic value money, therefore, cannot be sold at a profit and is permitted to be used as per Shariat only. Islamic banks work on the principles of an interest-free banking.

Recently, Darul Uloom had issued a fatwa saying posting pictures on social media was prohibited in Islam. It also banned posting selfies on WhatsApp and Facebook.