Lucknow, June 8: In a first, Darul Uloom of Deoband, the largest Islamic seminary in India, issued a fatwa (Islamic ruling) against female foeticide. Deoband issued fatwa against selective abortion of female foetuses, calling the act unlawful and against Islam. Deoband, the largest institute of Islamic studies in the country, passed the judgement after taking into account individual queries and media reports on skewed sex ratio among Muslims.

“It’s a first fatwa against sex-selective abortions. The act is against Islam and there is no grace in the eye of Allah for those doing it,” Deoband spokesperson Maulana Ashraf Usmani was quoted as saying by Times of India. “We appeal to Muslims to refrain from any act which discriminates the girl child. Our vicechancellor has termed sex-selective abortions cold-bloodedmurders,” Usmani added. (ALSO READ: Darul Uloom Deoband issues fatwa against chanting ‘Bharat mata ki jai’)

Deoband decided to issue fatwa against selective abortion of female foetuses after sex ratio among Muslim community witnessed sharpest decline in recent years. According to the report of National Sample Survey Office, sex ration dropped from 968 women for 1,000 Muslim men in 2004-05 to 922 in 2009-10. As per the Census report of 2011, the number of girls up to six years old per 1,000 Muslim boys in the same age group slipped from 950 in 2001 to 943 in 2011.