New Delhi, October 3: A cybersecurity firm Seqrite Cyber Intelligence Labs revealed the data of several important government and private organisations appeared to be compromised by a hacker. In a startling revelation, the company said it is investigating the breach with its partner seQtree InfoServices. Also Read - What is RBI's 3-Month Moratorium? Will EMI be Deducted From Your Account? Here Are Your Answers

The company said the hacker had advertised for selling the data of organisations like Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation. It also added the hacker had advertised access to the servers and database dump of an unspecified Internet Registry. Also Read - How RBI Set up War Room in Just One Day Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

After a detailed investigation, the company found the data has been breached through India’s National Internet Registry: IRINN (Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers). IRINN comes under NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India). The breach may also affect the registration of IP addresses of many organisations. Also Read - New Rules For Debit And Credit Cards Kick in From Monday

The company said, “[its] team then contacted the actor (hacker) for further details, posing as an interested buyer. Initially the actor was not willing to disclose the name of affected Internet Registry, however, later he agreed to share a small sample of email list from the allegedly compromised database.”

It also added, “In the sample, the team noticed email address of a prominent Indian technology firm and another email address was from the Indian government. Then the team asked for complete/extensive emails list. Eventually, the actor agreed to share a text file containing the emails of users/organizations affected, allegedly from the compromised database(s). The text file contained a list of approx. 6000 emails.”

The company warned if the hacker gets an interested buyer, then attack on the system could disrupt Internet IP allocation and in-turn the complete Internet in India.