New Delhi: After interacting with the anti-CAA protestors at Shaheen Bagh on day 1, Supreme Court-appointed mediators Sadhana Ramachandran and Sanjay Hegde on Thursday met the protestors at the same spot and initiated talks with them. Also Read - Shaheen Bagh: We Will be Attacked if we Leave This Place, Say Protesters; Interlocutors to Meet Them Again Today

While interacting with the protesters, senior advocate Sadhana Ramachandran told them that their concerns have reached the authorities and they can continue their protest as both the mediators don’t have any issues with their agitation.  Ramachandran also told them that they have the right to protest and they are safe in the country.

Ramachandran asked them to continue their talks with the mediators as the Centre’s new citizenship legislation is with the Supreme Court.

Saying that the matter should be solved mutually, Ramachandran said if it does not get solved, then it will again go back to the Supreme Court. She also added that every problem can be solved and there is nothing that cannot be solved.

On the other hand, senior advocate Sanjay Hegde told them that they have been protesting at Shaheen Bagh for the past two months but all in the country need to stay and grow together, and should not cause inconvenience to others.

On Wednesday, both the mediators interacted with the protesters at Shaheen Bagh and said they will hold talks with the protestors on Thursday also.

“We met them and listened to them. We asked them if they want us to come back tomorrow as it’s not possible to complete the talks in one day. They said they want us to come back tomorrow, so we will,” Ramachandran told media here.

While interacting with the anti-CAA protestors at Shaheen Bagh, Ramachandran said that their right to protest should not affect the right of others to use public road and services.