New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who, in days following the carnage in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley on June 15, has been accusing the Narendra Modi government of ‘surrendering’ to China, on Monday tweeted a video, paying tribute to the 20 Indian soldiers who were martyred in the attack.Also Read - ‘Even God is Not With You Now’: JP Nadda Slams Rahul Gandhi For Calling PM ‘Surender Modi’

He tweeted in Hindi: “Tribute to our brothers. You sacrificed everything for us. We will never forget this sacrifice.” Also Read - Rahul Gandhi Should be Put Under House Arrest For His 'Irresponsible' Remarks Over Border Issue: Swami Chakrapani to PM Modi

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The former Congress president’s tweet comes a day after he posted what many have described as a ‘cleverly-worded’ tweet, taking potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the said tweet, he said that Narendra Modi was actually ‘Surender Modi‘.

As expected, people instantly rushed to point out that he had ‘misspelled’ surrender as ‘Surender’, only to realise later that the ‘misspelling’ was actually deliberate, with the objective being to make people use ‘Surrender Modi’ instead of ‘Surender Modi’, insinuating that PM Modi had, in fact, ‘surrendered’ to China.

Notably, in last Monday’s clash with Chinese troops, Colonel B Santosh Babu-Commanding Officer of 16 Bihar Regiment-and 19 soldiers were killed in action, while 76 others were injured.

China, on the other hand, is yet to speak officially on its casualty/injury figures from the clash, though there have been reports of the 16 Bihar’s troops, incensed by the killing of their CO, inflicting casualties on the Chinese,