New Delhi: Barely two days after the implementation of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019, a Delhi resident was fined a challan of Rs 23,000 by the Gurugram Police on Tuesday for flouting several rules.

The challan listed out his offences as, ‘Driving without a licence’, ‘Driving without a registration certificate’, ‘Driving without third party insurance’, ‘Violating air pollution’, ‘Driving without helmet or turban’.

The person identified as Dinesh Madan was fined near the Gurugram court. Speaking to news agency ANI, Madan said, “I am shocked and have not been able to sleep at night. This amount is very big. I told the cops that all documents are at home and I will show it to but they asked for my keys and said that my scooter will be impounded.”

Driving without a licence now attracts a penalty of Rs 5,000; driving without a helmet has a fine of Rs 1,000 among other hefty fines.

Reportedly, Madan has refused to pay the fine since he says his second-hand scooter itself costs Rs 15,000. He is learned to have left his scooter with the authorities.

Changes in some penalties are listed below:

Section/ OffenceOld PenaltyNew Penalty (Minimum)
General (177)Rs 100Rs 500
Rules of road regulation violation (new 177A)Rs. 100Rs 500
Travelling without a ticket (178)Rs 200Rs 500
Disobedience of orders of authorities (179)Rs 500Rs 2000
Unauthorized use of vehicles without a licence (180)Rs 1000Rs 5000
Driving without a licence (181)Rs 500Rs 5000
Driving without qualification (182)Rs 500Rs 10,000
Oversized vehicles (182B)NewRs 5000
Over speeding (183)Rs 400Rs 1000 for LMV, Rs 2000 for Medium Passenger Vehicle
Dangerous driving penalty (184)Rs. 1,000Up to Rs 5000
Drunken driving (185)Rs 2000Rs 10,000
Speeding/ Racing (189)Rs 500Rs 5,000
Vehicle without a permit (192A)Up to Rs 5000Up to Rs 10,000
Aggregators (violations of licensing conditions) (193)NewRs 25,000 to Rs 1,00,000
Overloading (194)Rs 2,000, and Rs 1,000 per extra tonneRs 20,000, and Rs 2,000 per extra tonne
Overloading of Passengers (194A)N.A.Rs 1000 per extra passenger
Seat Belt (194 B)Rs 100Rs 1,000
Overloading of two-wheelers (194 C)Rs 100Rs 2,000, Disqualification of license for 3 months
Not providing way for emergency vehicles (194E)NewRs 10,000
Driving without insurance (196)Rs 1,000Rs 2,000
Offences by Juveniles (199)NewGuardian/ Owner shall be deemed guilty. Rs 25,000 with 3 years imprisonment. Juvenile to be tried under JJ Act. Registration of Motor Vehicle to be cancelled.
Power of officers to impound documents (206)N.A.Suspension of driving licence under sections 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194C, 194D, 194E,
Offences committed by enforcing authorities (210B)N.A.Twice the penalty under the relevant section