New Delhi, January 5: In this time when patriotism is often confused with hyper-nationalism, making a sentimental statement towards once country is often labelled jingoism. However, this old but rare speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is bound to touch even the most hardened heart.

While soldiers ofter obtain martyrdom in the firing and cross-border terrorism in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, most Indians have become sensitised to the issue. Many, while attributing a night of sound sleep to the soldiers guarding the borders, often make the grave mistake of believing that the Jawan is mere fulfilling his duty for which he is paid by the government of India.

Long before his Prime Ministerial days, Narendra Modi explains how a Jawan gives his life not for the money but for his supreme love. Giving the example of an ordinary woman who complains to her husband of a burn on her finger which she obtained while cooking for him, Modi explains how the same woman will throw herself into raging fire to save her son from a burning house.

The Prime Minister then narrates how his love for the country led him to accept a life-threatening challenge from Kashmiri terrorists, thereby, making him march to march to Srinagar’s ‘Lal Chowk’ from Kanyakumari and plant the Indian tricolour. Make sure to listen to this life-changing 6-minute speech that is sure to bring tears to your eyes.