New Delhi: A teenage boy was killed and his body was discovered in a drain on Sunday morning at Metro Vihar near Bawana, a district in the north-west Delhi. Rohan, 14, had run into an argument with a group of local boys belonging to the neighbourhood, claimed eyewitnesses.

According to the investigations, the boy had gone to attend a Jagran with his close companions. He left his house on Saturday night. At the venue of the function, Rohan and his friends soon had a scuffle with another set of boys.

Police have registered a murder case in this regard under IPC Section 302 (murder). Few of the suspects in the case has been detained and sent for interrogation.

As the heated argument grew intense, the people who came to attend the event asked the group to stop their fight. The two group of boys were asked to move out of the venue as they were causing a major disruption to the attendees of the Jagran.

In spite of the warning, the two groups allegedly continued with their argument that soon became violent. According to the investigations, police found out that Rohan was taken by the group of local boys to a field outside the locality. Apparently, Rohan was hacked to death in the field.

After the incident, the youths dumped his body in the drain.