New Delhi, January 8: The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence on Monday arrested a female crew member of Jet Airways for carrying Rs 3.21 crore in US currency from Hong-Kong.

The DRI officials who were working on a tip-off from the special intelligence sources recovered the cash from a senior Air Hostess who was travelling from New Delhi-Hong Kong. The cash was recovered from the crew member’s luggage wrapped in aluminium foil.

The staff member and the supplier have been arrested by the DRI and the investigation is still underway.

On the other side, Jet Airways issued a statement saying that the airline will take further action against the employee.

Last year, two passengers were arrested at Pune airport for trying to smuggle out foreign currency worth Rs 1.29 crore by hiding them in boxes containing ‘upma’. The man was about to fly to Dubai with hot cases full of upma but he was carrying extra cargo.

(With input from agencies)