New Delhi: Army Chief General Bipin Rawat could not stress the influence and the role of social media enough as he said, “The biggest issue is that the social media needs to ensure that radicalisation does not happen through false information and misinformation.”

Speaking at the Raisina Dialogue 2019, Rawat added, “Radicalisation through social media is becoming one of the reasons for raising funds for terrorist organisations…in J-J, youths are getting radicalised due to misinformation and falsehood about being religion fed to them.” He also called it a “form of warfare which is spreading like a multi-headed monster”.

“That is why you find more and more educated youth being drawn into terrorism,” he said.

Without naming Pakistan, Rawat said a weaker nation was using terrorists to pressure another nation.

On the Afghan peace process, the Army Chief said there was no problem in negotiations with the Taliban but there should be no conditions for the same.

General Rawat has always been vocal about the issues plaguing the world. About the aftermath of militancy in J-K, he said it had shattered the education system in the state and that was one of the factors behind stone-pelting protests in the state. The Army chief was interacting with students from Chhattisgarh who were on a trip to Delhi.

One of them asked him why there were frequent stone-pelting incidents in the Valley. Rawat replied that Kashmiris were being fed with misinformation that India was anti-Muslim and those who eat beef were being killed.

“They try to shield terrorists. They pelt stones as it is easily available. (Stone-)pelting is not (something) new. Unemployment is a factor for this, but it is not unique to Kashmir. There is unemployment in other parts of the country as well. Youngsters there don’t pelt stones,” he said.