New Delhi, September 7: Almost 10-days after Jamia Nagar’s 16-year-old resident was brutally gang raped, silence has been maintained in a different part of societies. Her condition remained critical as one of the rapist was tested positive for Hepatitis and the victim was also tested positive after she was raped. Members of civil society, media and local political representatives and the police. The case has bee downplayed by several media outlet as the victim belonged to an extremely poor family.

According to Indiatimes, victims mother is a domestic help and father drives e-rickshaw to meet the ends. After she was raped the victim is suffering from throat infection because of the forced oral sex. The victim is unable to talk properly. Since last 10 days, the victim remains unconscious most of the time as she was given high dose of drugs during the period when she was raped.

The minor girl who studied in a local school was allegedly abducted from the locality on August 20 by a person and was sexually assaulted by 25 men till August 25 in an isolated room, close to Delhi. The victim was intoxicated with some drugs, perhaps through injection as her right hand was full of injection mark. The victim was kept blindfolded throughout the period. the victim was given food to eat and water to drink. (Also Read: Nirbhaya gang-rape convict Vinay Sharma tries to end his life in Tihar jail)

After the victim was raped for four consecutive days, she was sold to a person in Delhi who sodomised her near Nizamuddin graveyard. A local authority said that the girl is a class 8 student who is still under the influence of drugs and whenever she opens her eyes she asks for it. Victim’s mother reportedly said that due to acute pain, the minor girl is unable to sit and walk.

The Delhi police who claim to have become zero-tolerant towards sexual violence after December 16, 2012, Delhi gang-rape case had allegedly pressurised the family to get the victim treated at home “for the sake of honour”.

The victim’s family are now planning to leave Jamia Nagar because people in the vicinity know about the incident. People in the vicinity who are disappointed with the police “apathy”, locals of the area took a candle march on Tuesday evening and raised slogans at Jamia Nagar police station. The cops have already taken into custody the prime accused involved in the case but many of them are minor and cannot be treated as criminals.