New Delhi: As Delhi is inching closer to February 8 when 70 constituencies will go to the polls, the political air is hotting up. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday took to Twitter to thank Kamal Haasan who showered praises on the Chief Minister. Sharing from his experience of running the government for the last five years, the CM said that the government has money. There is no dearth of it. All that it needs is good intent. Also Read - Delhi Assembly Election 2020: CM Kejriwal to Hold 4 Roadshows, Amit Shah to Address 3 Rallies

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“My experience of five years shows that our country has been deliberately kept illiterate and poor in the last 70 yrs. There is no dearth of money in the govt. All that u need is the right INTENT,” the CM tweeted.

Kamal Haasan praised AAP and Kejriwal sharing a video where CM Kejriwal was explaining how Delhi’s revenue doubled in the last five years. I appealed to the business community to donate to hospitals. We didn’t waste all this money. I didn’t buy an aeroplane for me — Kejriwal can be seen saying in the video.

“What a proclamation by an achiever called @ArvindKejriwal. This seemingly astounding feat is imitable, if one has the moral and ethical strength. Do not just follow this leader, emulate him. This is not an advice. This is a challenge. Take it, I have. He is a leader, so are you, so am I. I salute my brother in arms. DELHI DOOR NAHIN…,” tweeted Kamal Haasan.

It was in reply to this tweet that Kejriwal tweeted what he learnt in the last five years.