New Delhi: If there’s any link between Shaheen Bagh shooter Kapil and AAP, double his punishment, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said 48 hours ahead of Delhi Assembly Election 2020.

Giving an interview to ANI, the Chief Minister said Delhi Police is BJP’s last straw. “First all parties came together to stop all the good works Delhi has been doing. Then the BJP launched so many union ministers for campaigning in Delhi. Then it touched the abysmal of a personal attack like saying Kejriwal is a terrorist etc. Now that everything has failed, they are using Delhi Police.”


So, what’s about the photos that the Delhi Police produced as evidence?

“Anyone can take a photo with anyone. His family members have denied AAP link, I have heard. He should be punished. If he is from AAP, then punish him double. If he is supposed to get two years’ punishment, punish him for four years if he is from AAP,” the CM said.

Talking about Shaheen Bagh, the CM said that the only party that is reaping benefits from Shaheen Bagh is the BJP. “They have no other issue in Delhi,” the CM said.