New Delhi: The final turnout of the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 was 62.59 per cent, the Election Commission announced almost 24 hours after polling was concluded on February 8. “Voting went on till late evening. Then EVMs came to strong rooms. Then strong rooms were sealed. After that, our officials were working on scrutiny,” Delhi Chief Electoral Officer Ranbir Singh said on Sunday evening, after the inordinate delay in announcing the final results triggered a controversy. Also Read - Weekend to be Blamed? Between 2015 and 2020, Massive Dip in Voter Turnout in Delhi

Returning officers submit the turnout data to the election commission. They were busy throughout the night, the election commission said. “It’s not about being early or late. It’s a process. As the process got over, we are sharing with you the details,” an official said. Also Read - Delhi Assembly Election 2020: Voter Turnout Crosses 60% as Voting Continues After 8 PM

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday took to Twitter and questioned the Election Commission why the commission has not released the final poll turnout figures, several hours after polling. Also Read - Delhi Assembly Election Updates: 57.06% Voter Turnout Recorded; Polling Concludes

This was the first time since 1998 when Delhi witnessed a drop in voter turnout over a previous assembly election. In 1998, the capital had recorded a voter turnout of just 48.99 per cent which was a sharp decline of more than 12 percentage points from 61.75 per cent. In 2015, voter turnout was 67 per cent.

What is the issue with voter turnout?

Delhi witnessed a very slow voting day on February 8 as by 6.30 PM, only 55.18 per cent voter turnout was reported. Voting picked up momentum after 6 PM. The final figure that has been offered by the election commission is 61.43 per cent, which was recorded at 22.17 PM. But the figure was what the mobile application is also showing — not the official one.

Election Commission addresses a press meet after the polling is over to announce the turnout figure officially. But as polling went on till late on Saturday, the EC didn’t hold a press conference. An announcement was expected early on Sunday morning, but it got delayed.